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Project: Display Creator         Client: Orbus Displays

Unique and revolutionary software tool developed for Orbus Inc. in the U.S.A., and Ultima Displays in Canada and Great Britain. This software was created to allow non-CAD designers to quickly and easily produce a complete 3D visualization of portable or modular trade show booths. The 3D scenes can be created, saved, printed, or e-mailed directly from the software interface. All 3D models are customizable by changing size, colour, texture, and graphics using only a few clicks with the interface.

Technical Information:
Forsefield was responsible for creating object oriented 3D software that would be simple to use.The identity of the project, the design, function,module updating website, and user interface was developed by Forsefield as well as the the packaging design and user manual. Once the software was installed, users could download new modules, from a micro-site, with updated functions, and 3D models as the clients product line expanded.

Design Challenge:
Creating a simple to use interface that produces complex, fully customizable 3D trade show environments. Camera controls, 3D object positioning and image mapping is usually requires knowledge of complicated 3D software and an above average understanding of 3D files, and computers in general. Controls for Display Creator were designed to be intuitive and user friendly.


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