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Project: Our Favourite Trail Interactive Map and Website        Client: Regional Tourism Organization 8

A dynamic, interactive, web-GIS based map focusing on trail-related ecotourism along the Trans Canada Trail as it travels through the City of Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough and Northumberland Counties. The primary purpose of the map is to aid and promote trail use, while connecting users to local business relevant to the trail and trail-related tourism. As well as housing the map, the website provides additional trail information and acts as a useful tool for connecting to the community, landowners, and stewardship groups.

Technical Information:

Forsefield developed and managed a number of GIS datasets related to the trail, including local businesses, natural features, and points of interest. This data was used to create the web-GIS based map, as well as a series of printed map products.

Design Challenge:
Effective geographic data management and cartographic design was critical to the final success of the interactive map. It was necessary to compile datasets from multiple sources to create the final data that is displayed in the map. Careful cartographic design and planning was required to effectively display large amounts of information on the map while maintaining a strong visual impression and ease of use for visitors to the Our Favourite Trail website.

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