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When you send your products to stores to be sold, you need to make sure they are going to stand out from the other similar products the store sells. Customers are always looking for the best option before they make a purchase. If you want to increase your chances that they will buy your product, custom point of purchase displays can be a great option.

Attract Attention

If you want customers to purchase your products, you need to attract their attention. Bright colors, the right lighting and other features can help you draw their attention away from your competitor's products and naturally bring their eyes to your display. If you manage to catch their eye, odds are they will pick up your product, even when they are in a rush.

Offer Additional Information

When you create custom point of purchase displays, you can do more than just display your products in a creative, attractive manner. You can also add additional information to the display that will answer your customers' questions and provide them with a way to connect to you as a business. This can be a useful tool in helping you stand apart from your competitors.

Further Your Branding

Your branding is essential to creating positive relationships with your customers. If you want people to feel more connected to you and to more easily find your products in the stores, your custom displays should implement aspects of your branding, including your logo, slogan and company colors. Those who are familiar with your brand are more likely to purchase your products because they are yours, if for no other reason.

Custom point of purchase displays are a useful marketing tool you can use to help your products stand apart from the others around it in the store. Choosing the right company to create your displays will ensure you have the highest quality and the right design to really make an impression on your customers.

If you need help creating displays or other marketing materials for your business, contact us.

In the world of logo design, it might be a challenge for a startup to know where to start on creating an appropriate design. With so many elements needing to work in tandem with one another, how do you know which creative elements come first? Your best bets come in two different steps: Finding an appropriateness to your logo that fits your company style and the diversity level of the design.

Knowing these two steps first can help you get a good idea of whether your design is really workable and set you up for the creative work ahead.

How Appropriate is Your Logo Design?

If you have a design in mind, does it fit the basic tone and feel of your business? For retail stores or a service-oriented business, using a caricature or a lighthearted subject in the logo is going to work better than if you're a serious-minded business. Places like law firms or other overly formal companies may have to think more conservatively on their logo. This doesn't necessarily mean someone in those companies couldn't break the mold and do something different.

Overall, you have to consider what the customer will immediately think when seeing the logo. Does it denote certain feelings either positive or negative? If you can convey the idea that your more serious business has a more lighthearted staff, it could go over well with those looking for something refreshing.

You're better off doing some research first and see what others in your industry might be using. You can gauge audience response this way and see what customers are gravitating to. Whatever your choice, make sure it fully fits the essence of your company so the public will immediately associate their feelings whenever they see the logo.

How Diverse is Your Logo for Use in the Media?

When looking at a rough sketch of what you have in mind for your logo, consider how many places that design can potentially be used. Is it compact enough where it could be easily used online on social media or viewable on mobile devices? Is it malleable enough where it could be placed on shirts, mugs or other advertising banners with limited space?

You also should consider TV and any commercials you create for your company. How would your logo look on TV, and would adding animation make any difference?

The best approach here is to avoid creating a design that's too wide across horizontally so it won't be able to fit in small places. Think more vertically and you'll be able to use your logo virtually anywhere and in any medium.

Here at Forsefield Inc., we can help you design a logo that truly captures your company's heart as well as one that works in multimedia. We cover all angles of marketing where integration of those elements can help get your logo out to the masses for public assimilation.

Contact us and we'll show you our wide-ranging logo portfolio that includes work for startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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