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You’ve got a stellar app that’s breaking ground in new, expanding markets but you didn’t plan on such success. App design takes a tremendous amount of work and focus--nobody wants to redesign the same app twice for two or more different audiences. It's better to plan your app to work for a global audience right from the beginning.

Culturally relevant products: A global app must be culturally-sensitive! Even if different countries share a language, the tone of content and phrases can be perceived as offensive. You can't rely solely on Google translator to get an interpretation of your content. You need a team that understands differences in culture, on the ground.

Fonts that translate: The font you've selected looks perfect on the original template but the Spanish translation overruns onto the graphics or cuts off. Perhaps the app font won't translate into other languages. For example, some Greek letters don't work in Times Roman. Grab fonts that will work for several different countries and markets.

Guiding icons: Application icons need to be simple and engaging. Don't assume that users will understand what the icons mean. Do some beta testing and opt of icons that are universal. 

Animate your app: What can we say? We love the animations. It's true that putting animations on an app is a bit more challenging but it's what users want. Tapping the icon, making the animation appear will make users come back again and again. Of course, you don't want an animated feature solely for the sake of entertainment (unless that's what you're going for.) However, you can animate certain features or offer animated icons in the "upgrade" version of your app.

Don't know where to start designing a global app? Contact the team at Forsefield. We can help you create an app your audience will rely on.

With the popularity of the Internet, your logo is going to be seen more now than ever. Effective logo design is hard to achieve, but possible, when done correctly. There are a lot of options on how you can go about creating a logo including software, websites, or someone in the office who thinks they can design a logo. However, it is vital to the success of your business that you work with a professional.

With that being said how do you choose who should create the logo? Here are some guidelines of logo design so when you start the conversation; you know you are choosing the right professional. Your logo should:

  • Reflect your brand
  • Be unique
  • Be just as effective in black and white as it is in color
  • Use one font—or a maximum of two
  • Be simple and easy to reproduce
  • Use vector art and not photography

When trying to find someone to create your logo you will discover free "do it yourself" websites or sites that offer custom logos at a low cost. However, your business is one of a kind, so a generic logo is not in the best interest of your business. Professional graphic designers have college degrees and know how to implement graphic design theory, best practices, color theory, choose fonts, and more.

If you conduct a search on the Internet for "Logo Design" you may think graphic design is easy, but effective graphic design is a skill—a craft that can’t be achieved with a software program or the Office Manager.

Please contact us to for a unique and powerful logo that will help your business grow.

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