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Look at the competition. More and more of your closest competitors are interacting with their guests online via a social media feed or an iOS app design. The app is, of course, the best way to connect with a consumer and create brand loyalty. To stand out from the crowd, your app should be unique, interesting and offer something of value that goes beyond basic information.

Can you design an app yourself without having to undergo lengthy coding sessions online? No, not really. This is where Forsefield Inc. can help. Here are three reasons why your restaurant should have an app today – make that a Forsefield app! 

  1. Variety in app design. Unlike many of the other apps that disappoint with limited features and slow loading, a Forsefield app impresses with its breadth of design options. Choose from a fun app that sells your restaurant via entertainment-rich content or go for the information app that draws in a hungry clientele with expert product presentations and information designs.
  2. Appeals to a large segment of the smartphone market. When you commission your app, the finished product works on iOS devices that. Showcase your brand to a growing audience that relies heavily on mobile phones and similar devices to make buying decisions.
  3. All information is displayed efficiently. A main menu easily becomes the jumping-off point for consumers. It ensures that your contact information, the address and hours of operation are readily available. Adding a history page allows you to give the back story of your venue. It is a powerful branding tool that helps you set a mood and generate expectations that you can then meet with the help of a show room page that contains your menu and special offers. Use the gallery to display pictures not just of the food but also of the restaurant itself. In fact, uploading a video of the restaurant is an excellent marketing idea. Of course, you always have the option of having your app introduce your restaurant in an entirely different manner. The company’s creative team can make it happen! 

We realize that you probably have a lot of questions about the best iOS app design for the restaurant market today. Contact us today to get FREE Quote for Forsefield app for the restaurant market.

The art of creating promotional videos is one that can sometimes get contradictory if you've had prior advertising showing your company with a specific persona, yet a different one in the video. It can easily happen if you and your marketing team aren't on the same page when it comes to what you're supposed to be. If you don't pay attention to those inconsistencies, an astute viewer of your promotional video may get confused or realize you don't have a clear vision.

What things should you watch out for in your video so it shows that you're truly living up to what you've said you are in the past?

Proving That You're as Innovative as You Say You Are

It's easy to say you're an innovative company in prior marketing advertising. If you've said this in print, conveying it in a promotional video is a completely different world. Those who don't put quality production elements into their video are going to have viewers scratching their heads wondering how you could be so savvy in your industry if you have bad production values. 

This is why you need a good production company behind your promotional video. You also need to show that you're an innovator rather than just tell. Demonstrate in the video how you've managed to bring new things to your industry through customer testimonials or behind the scenes with your employees. Showing how an innovative product is made will do a lot in achieving confidence in prospective customers who want to know the facts.

What Style of Brand Do You Have?

Are you a brand that's suited toward comedy, or are you more serious-minded? In print ads, you might have set a serious tone, yet decided to be satirical in your promotional video. This contradiction might confuse those who were initially attracted to your initial serious theme and turn some people off. 

It's true that comedy can sometimes backfire when applied to promotional media. If you're going that route, you have to do a lot of audience testing first, plus set that tone in other marketing so it doesn't perplex potential customers. Not every company has a good enough sense of humor to make comedy work. Likewise, once you set a particular tone of your brand, you have to stick with it. That's because comedy and drama are still wide apart in business, despite sometimes being linked in fiction.

The Details of Your Brand

Perhaps your prior marketing showed a product looking a different way from how you show it in your promotional videos. Or, perhaps you have a particular mission statement that's different in the video from a prior advertisement. Be sure to watch out for these inconsistencies since it can cause extreme confusion and show a lack of clarity. 

You need a good marketing team in order to set an early tone for yourself that works and then stay consistent. We can do this for you here at Forsefield Inc. as a comprehensive marketing company.

Contact us for a FREE Quote and we'll work closely with you to create a promotional video consistent with your brand message, plus a compelling one at that. With our recent focus on retail, we'll make sure people understand your branding approach so it immediately matches up with the right demographic you're seeking.

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