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When companies create promotional videos, there might be an initial tendency to place all importance on visuals in order to appease those with short attention spans. Mainstream movies also frequently work that way and may explain why scripts today aren't always up to par as they could be. A script is even more important for a promotional video, because what the video says is going to draw a viewer in more than any visual flourishes. While visuals and audio obviously complement one another, you need to spend some time crafting a compelling script before your promotional video even goes into production.

Getting the Outline of a Script Ready

It might seem daunting at first to put together a script with no idea of structure or tone. All you need to know for structure is to create an outline of what you want to say in your promotional video. In fact, eliminate anything that isn't what a consumer wouldn't want to know first. Place yourself in the shoes of a consumer watching your video for the first time and wonder what they'd want to know about your company in the first minute. 

Continue whittling those points down so you have a number of the most important key elements. Remember that the less you have, the better. This is because your promo video needs to be pithy due to today's short attention spans. Your essential points have to be generally conveyed in under five minutes, which might seem extremely challenging.

If you manage to break your points down to the three most essential things that would sell your product or company, you've done well. But before your video goes into production, it's time you find a tone to your script that doesn't put people to sleep.

What Kind of Narration Should You Have?

You'll need a narrator on your video in order to express the above points. While actors could be utilized exclusively, you have to find voice artists who know how to talk in a way that won't induce drowsiness. The best kind of tone from a narrator or actor is one that sounds like they're talking to a close friend. This personalized approach is part of the trend toward more personalization between companies and the consumer. When a video attempts to talk to consumers like they're a longtime acquaintance rather than just another customer, it's going to resonate with the average person watching.

At the same time, the tone has to be in a charming manner, with occasional comedy a good way toward keeping people entertained. However, be careful with comedy and not take it to places that could potentially backfire. This sometimes happens in companies with a tin ear to good comedy timing.

Here at Forsefield Inc., we can help you market your own promotional video and give it the warm, welcome and entertaining elements it needs. We're a multimedia marketing company that does it all with emphasis in visual communications. While we can help you create a visually appealing promotional video, we know what's heard is just as crucial to the marketing process.

Contact us so we can help you get started crafting your video. And let us employ our other extensive marketing experience to give your video a better chance of going viral.

Trade shows remain one of the most effective ways to network and advertise to a highly targeted audience. However, if your trade show display design isn't completed properly, you won't find the effort or cost worth attending these shows. Before you work with a company for your display, make sure they are using the following tactics to create a display you can rely on.

Capture Their Attention

The most important thing your trade show display needs to do is capture the attention of those who are in attendance. Trade shows often attract a number of companies that all offer the same things. If your display doesn't stand out from the others, people are going to pass you by. This is why it is essential to hire professional designers to take care of your display and help you stand out among your competitors.

Keep It Simple

It is easy to go overboard with your trade show display design. You want to include all the necessary information about your company, your logo, your business colors and so much more. However, it is often best to keep your design somewhat simple, while still attracting their attention. If you throw too much information at your audience, they are more likely to keep moving. You can always provide them with additional information through brochures and other similar marketing products.

Be Engaging

Trade shows are the ideal time to engage your audience in a conversation. Your trade show display can encourage this type of interaction between your staff and your intended audience. Make sure the graphic designers you choose to help you with your trade show display are experienced in creating displays that will encourage more traffic into your booth so you have more opportunities to interact with them.

As you attend trade shows, it is important to capture the attention of your audience and engage them in a conversation. When you choose the right company to help with your trade show display design, you need to make sure they utilize these tactics to create your display. It is also essential to keep things simple for the greatest impact. 

If you need help with your next trade show display, contact us to discuss your options.

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