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Businesses pursue app development for two reasons: they can either design an app to increase business productivity, or one to provide customers with a better user experience. Either way, app development will result in a positive ROI. 

We'll start with apps that increase business productivity. Some business purchase ready-made apps for better client management or internal communication. But every business is unique, and some design apps specially made for themselves. 

A recent GCN article explains how apps can improve performance within a business: 

"These apps can also help agencies more easily keep training materials current and provide employees with real-time updates that reflect changing regulations and requirements. Mobile apps might also help agencies stretch their shrinking training budgets by eliminating the need for printed materials or requirements for training-related travel."

The other reason why businesses pursue app development is to create an app for consumers. Some companies have two versions of their website - desktop and mobile - for an optimal user experience. Others use responsive design so their website adapts to screens of all sizes. 

But even a mobile website or responsive design can't match the app experience. A well-designed app is easier to navigate, more intuitive, and faster than browsing a website on a mobile device. 

One thing to keep in mind is that you don't need to have someone on staff that understands app development. Rather than hiring a new in-house employee, you can outsource your app development. This provides you with a professionally-designed app without having to take on another salary. 

Apps have made a big impact on several businesses. Whether you design an app to improve your operations or your user experience for customers, app development is worth pursuing. It's a one-time cost for an app that will get used every day. 

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