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Retail marketing continues to use videos to entice people to come visit their stores and take advantage of sales. But as much as they use long-form videos on Youtube for overall promotion, they've also been doing short Vine videos for proliferation on social media. Both large and small retailers have been starting to take on the challenge of creating seconds-long videos on Vine in order to create an almost subliminal type of advertising. Then again, with the ability to have them repeat over and over, they can actually be more effective rather than just seeing them once.

Most recently, major retailers like Lowe's have jumped onto the Vine bandwagon. And it's not just for ordinary sales during the year, but getting people prepared for Black Friday, specifically. Should your retail store create Vine videos to help promote Black Friday sales throughout November? It's a creative concept that marketing professionals like us here at Forsefield Inc. can help you achieve.

Can You Capture Attention in Vine Videos?

With so many Vine videos going viral on social media, it's easy to see why so many major retailers are going there. Regardless, it's still a challenge to convey a sale pitch or an idea in just six seconds. What can you possibly show that will entice people to come to your store on the big shopping day of Black Friday?

The best way is strictly through visuals rather than having narration and any elaborate story. You have no time to construct a lengthy story anyway. This isn't to say you can't have a story there, though it has to be told in progress so the viewer can fill in the blanks. If you watch Vine videos from major retailers, they sometimes set up wordless scenarios so you figure things out on your own.

During the video, however, merchandise needs to be prominently displayed. You want to show it through all six seconds so everyone can absorb it and remember what it looks like. You should also make your message clear about what kind of deals someone can find on Black Friday at your store. This can be done strictly through text on the screen, or through signage accompanying any compelling visuals.

The good news on the visual is what was mentioned earlier: Being able to repeat the video over and over. Most Vine videos go on repeat mode once you play them, so the message you want to convey can become almost like a longer video.

Contact us here at Forsefield Inc. so we can help you create a promotional video on Vine for Black Friday sales and the upcoming holidays. With our comprehensive expertise, we can cover every aspect of marketing to make your retail business very popular through the holidays and beyond.

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