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Womens Trade Shows is a premier example of a trade event that allows a collection of selected vendors to bring products and services to the attention of Newmarket attendees. Taking place on December 6, this is a great opportunity particularly for small business owners or those who might thus far have only relied on social media for the majority of their needed marketing. But what do vendors need to get noticed and be seen? Newmarket & Sarnia trade show displays! Options abound, but there are a few that stand out. 

Pop-up Booths and Stretch Fabric Displays

These displays are modern, sleek and the type of technology that vendors are migrating to in increasing numbers. Stretch fabric in particular gives you a great appearance without a large price tag. In simplest terms, an interior metal skeleton keeps the customized fabric taut. There is no sagging and no over-stretching. If you choose these booth display options, you always look professional. Sizes vary from 103 inches in width and 92 inches in height to displays with a 119-inch width and a 90-inch height. 

Portable Modular Displays

Portability is a big deal on the trade show circuit. While today you are wowing Newmarket attendees, tomorrow you might decide to head over to another city for a different event. Choose displays that travel well, are easy to set up and turn heads. Outdoor banner stands, x-frame stands and tension banner stands fit the bill. Customized banners provide the branded marketing message that is unique to your business. 

Retractable Banner Stands

When you are thinking of two-sided advertising, the retractable banner stand is your best bet. In addition, it stores easily and protects the banner within the cassette at the bottom of the stand. Place these displays inside the hall, add some wayfinding arrows and lead consumers to the location of your booth. 

Forsefield specializes in Newmarket trade show displays that get you noticed. When you want to be seen but do not want to rely on additional helpers to get your booth set up, these products let you go it alone with ease. Contact us today for more information on trade show displays and some tips for mixing and matching them with higher visibility in mind.

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