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As a long-time Internet user, you've noticed that nearly everybody has a blog, including your closest competitors. You're thinking of getting one for your company website but you're not sure if you can devote the time to it and whether the effort will produce good marketing results. To find out if blogging is right for you, follow these steps.

  1. Post on the blogs of companies that complement rather than compete with yours. For example, if you're an accountant, look for office supply companies. If you sell flower seeds, look for florists. If the website owner doesn't actively solicit guest posts, ask if you can write an entry of two for them. End your postings with a question and tell readers to respond in comments. You can then find out if the audience responds to what you have to say.

  2. If you're getting some results, move to a stand-alone blog on free sites like Blogger or WordPress. By choosing a template and choosing a few options, you can set up a blog within a few minutes. Write several entries, ask questions, and tell your audience to post answers in comments. Don't forget to tell your customers about this blog and to put a link from your company website to it.

  3. Integrate a blog into your website design, so your readers don't have to leave your pages to view your entries. This requires the technical and artistic expertise that we can provide. Otherwise, your blog will look like it was just pasted on as a second thought.

For more information on blogging, or help with marketing your business online, please contact us.

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