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Let’s talk type. Of all aspects of graphic design, type is one of the most important. There are thousands of typefaces available in various formats, and that number is growing. So, why should you pay special attention to the typeface you use?

Identity: Whether custom-made or already existing, the right typeface can often make or break an identity. Some brands, such as Sega or Coca-Cola, have become notable for their typefaces alone.

Clarity: Fancy typefaces can be fun, but there are some that are just too hard to read. As long as you pick one that is easy to read yet distinct, people will be more likely to see the underlying message behind your brand. The current Pepsi typeface is not only easy to read, but the curve in the lowercase “e” is also a nod to their logo.

Distinction: Sometimes, having the right typeface isn’t enough. The way in which you incorporate the typeface into your logo is another matter. For example, Home Depot emphasizes the word “Home” in its logo to let people know that they’re in the business of home building & maintenance supplies.

Consistency: In certain fields, such as retail, consistency is important. Thus, you may have an opportunity to extend the use of a typeface beyond the logo. Companies such as Apple & Target use the same colors & type throughout their stores, thereby strengthening their brand identity as well.

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