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Want your promotional videos to go viral? According to a recent article published by Harvard Business School, there's actually some science behind this coveted phenomena. Even well-produced, entertaining videos aren't guaranteed to become crowd pleasers. So what does it take to have a promotional tool that clients can't wait to share with others?

Focus on entertaining--not informing. Television ads and promotional online videos are two different types of animals. Although you can click away from both, you can't share a TV ad with your friends. However, for videos to be considered "share worthy," they have to have some entertainment value.

The viral video follows a four-point pattern. You know you only have a few seconds to attract the viewer and keep him focused. The Harvard study indicates promotional videos needs to do four things: attract viewers, keep their attention, be share worthy and persuade the viewer to do something or think about something.

It's all about perspective and interaction. When you involve the viewer in your video, good things happen. Inviting viewers to get involved in campaigns by, asking for feedback in a creative way--these methods give the viewer an opportunity to interact and contribute. It's all about inviting feedback. Also, "sneak peek" videos that give "premium" or "special" customers an advanced look at upcoming products are usually a hit.

Give them good vibrations. Lastly and most importantly, you've got to provide video watchers with good feelings. A negatively emotional video may work for television but no one wants to share the sadness. A viral video needs to evoke good feelings. They should make us laugh and leave us feeling uplifted--even if we've not learned much.

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